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The Stanford Pascal Compiler / Evolution Steps

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New installation procedure for MVS (or z/OS)

Compiler version: 12.2017

At 23rd of November 2017, a video appeared on YouTube, which told about a failed installation of Stanford Pascal on MVS (TK4-).

Youtube video (thanks to moshix!)

I examined that and came to the conclusion that the installation procedure suggested for MVS so far was too complicated and error-prone, so I reworked it in the following weeks.

The result is a Pascal program, which reads a large file (PASCALN.TXT) and puts all the files which make up the Pascal system on the MVS target (text and binary) in the right place. This is no problem, because it is possible since 05.2017 to specify member names on files before doing REWRITE (procedure ASSIGNMEM), so PDS members on MVS are supported (when reading or writing PDS members, the member names can be specified at run time).

The remaining problem is: how to run a Pascal program on a MVS or z/OS system, before the compiler and the runtime is there?

The solution is: the program which does the installation has to be copied there using binary FTP (for example). In more detail: some FB 80 binary object files (text decks) need to be transferred to the target MVS system and then linked there to build a load module.

After that, all works automatically.

I prepared some MVS jobs to do this and a ZIP file, which is part of the GitHub repository; the ZIP files contains all the needed stuff. And I wrote a document, which describes the necessary steps in detail.

Link to the GitHub repository (only the MVSINST subdirectory is relevant for MVS):


Link to the documentation:

New Stanford Pascal Installation Guide for MVS (2017)

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