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The Stanford Pascal Compiler / Evolution Steps

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Compiler messages shown at terminal (aka SYSPRINT) during compile

Compiler version: 10.2017

When the compiler was restructured by using the new scanner PASSCAN, it was possible to show the compiler messages and the corresponding source lines at the terminal (= File OUTPUT), too.

The older versions of the compiler only showed the error number under the corresponding line in the compiler listing; at the terminal, only the total error count and the line number of the last error was shown. So the developer had to open the listing, locate the line of the last error and go from there to the previous error and so on.

The terminal output of the new version looks like this:

**** STANFORD PASCAL COMPILER, OPPOLZER VERSION OF 10.2017 **** 90 X'C1' .. 'E' : ! +++ Error P102: LOW BOUND EXCEEDS HIGHBOUND 100 S2 := [ X'c1' .. 'E' ] ; ! +++ Error P310: LOWER ELEMENT OF SET RANGE HIGHER THAN UPPER ELEMENT **** Compiler Summary **** **** WARNING: PASCAL EXTENSIONS USED. **** 2 Errors. **** 123 LINE(S) READ, 1 PROCEDURE(S) COMPILED, **** 358 P_INSTRUCTIONS GENERATED, 0.11 SECONDS IN COMPILATION. **** Last Error/Warning on Line 100 **** Error/Warning Codes for this Program: **** P102: LOW BOUND EXCEEDS HIGHBOUND **** P310: LOWER ELEMENT OF SET RANGE HIGHER THAN UPPER ELEMENT

that is: we have two errors here in line 90 and line 100; the source lines are shown at the terminal, the messages and the position within the line where the error was found.

At the end, we have a "Compiler Summary", which shows the number of errors, other statistics (like before), the line number of the last message (although not really needed now), and then a summary of all error types that have occured - much the same as in prior releases.

BTW: these errors would not have occured on the mainframe; the mixed range expressions (hexadecimal and "normal" notation) are not portable and lead to syntax errors on Windows (only). In a future release I have the plan to show warnings on such expressions even on platforms where there is no error.

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