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The Stanford Pascal Compiler / Evolution Steps

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Stanford Pascal works on MacOS and on (modern) z/OS

Compiler version: 05.2017

With the help of Rene Jansen, the Stanford Pascal compiler was tested on two new targets:

- (modern) z/OS ... in fact, Rene tried it on a z/OS V1 R8. Some issues were the program name of the linkage editor (must be IEWL on modern systems) and the UNIT=xxx name for the temporary datasets, which had to be customized according to the needs of the local installation. Furthermore, a dataset had to be defined (PO, LRECL 80, RECFM F) to hold the DBGINFO members, which are needed even in the case when no debugging support is desired

- and Mac OS. Rene discovered that the method to assign external names to Pascal files (environment variables with prefix DD:) is not valid on all platforms, because the colon is not accepted on all platforms inside the names of environment variables. So we decided to change that to DD_

for example:

to assign an external filename EINGABE.TXT with optional path information to the Pascal file INPUT, you have to code (on Windows):


Many thanks to Rene for his interest in the compiler and his support !!

Excerpts from the z/OS Compile Job

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