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The Stanford Pascal Compiler / Evolution Steps

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MVS version

Compiler version: 05.2017

The compiler now runs on MVS (Hercules), too. Same source code (PASCAL1, PASCAL2) as with CMS, same runtime (PASMONN) - although there are some CMS dependencies, controlled by SYSPARM(CMS). Different PASSNAP ... see below.

Several changes and corrections to PASMONN (Pascal runtime) have been made. The most important: PASMONN now supports RESET and REWRITE of PO members with their name specified at runtime using the new function ASSIGNMEM. After RESET, success can be checked by looking at a flag in the Pascal FCB, accessed by the (existing) function FILEFCB.

This has been necessary to provide a MVS variant of PASSNAP; PASSNAP reads debug information at runtime, which depends on the name of the source file. In CMS, this was accomplished using CMS FILEDEFs, issued from the Pascal program. In MVS, ASSIGNMEM is used. The version of PASSNAP for CMS has been renamed to PASSNAPC; the MVS variant now takes the name PASSNAP. The technique to open the debug information file is the only difference between PASSNAPC (CMS) and PASSNAP (MVS).

There is still room for some improvement in the area of error handling etc.; some ideas:

Thanks to Gerhard Postpischil and Juergen Winckelmann for help and good advice and for encouraging me to do the MVS port.

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