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PL1-L - Diskussion über PL/1-Interface für PCRE (Perl compatible Reg. Ex)


Re: calling C from PL/I....


Bernd Oppolzer <bernd.oppolzer@T-ONLINE.DE>


PL1 (language) discussions <PL1-L@LISTSERV.DARTMOUTH.EDU>


2014.02.26 13:00:36

Hi, Bernd.

Our e-mails are passing each other on the Net....:-)

Yes you understand exactly what I was proposing to do...use the new PL/I
compiler on z/OS for the glue code (Why? Because I know PL/I a lot better than I
know C....).

Based on your arguments, I will now write the needed wrapper code in C, and not
in modern PL/I. And I have the same level of C/C++ compiler installed here on
both z/VM and z/OS.

I'm very glad I opened this thread up....learned a lot.


On 02/26/2014 12:18 PM, Bernd Oppolzer wrote:
> Maybe I'm totally wrong, but the reason for this suggestion
> "you should IMO not require a current release"
> is, that I have the feeling that there are some people out there
> that still use old compilers on platforms that I am not familiar with -
> today -
> for example, VM and VSE.
> I am in the z/OS business exclusively since almost 15 years now, and we
> had the current z/OS PL/1 compilers most of the time - only recently, we
> are a bit behind schedule (3.9 - the current release is 4.4).
> I have the impression that it's not a good idea for a public domain
> software
> to require the latest release of PL/1.
> @D.: as I understand your post, you will support older compilers, but
> the newer compiler will be required for the PL/1 glue code ... and that
> would
> not be necessary with the C glue code solution.
> Kind regards
> Bernd
> Am 26.02.2014 19:03, schrieb Bernd Oppolzer:
>> Hi D.,
>> just interested:
>> how will the PL/1 interface to the C package be presented to the users?
>> As source code, or precompiled?
>> I've had no time so far to look at the distribution that Z.A.
>> presents
>> on his website, if it is source code that still has to be compiled on
>> z/OS
>> or any other format. If it is C source code - and the COBOL interface
>> maybe COBOL source code - then you should also distribute your PL/1
>> solution as source code.
>> But in this case, you should IMO not require a current release. That's
>> why
>> I would suggest a C glue function which builds a PL/1 compatible
>> interface
>> that can be handled by very old PL/1 compilers, too.
>> When you do this, you don't even need to distribute PL/1 source code,
>> nor executables. Only some C glue code, and a description, how to use
>> this modified interface to the original C package from some "vintage"
>> PL/1.
>> Kind regards
>> Bernd


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